Pou game

Pou game became recent phenomenon not only on mobile devices. But who really is mysterious Pou?

It’s none other than your little friend from a distant galaxy. You may recall the popular Japanese game Tamagotchi from 90’s with a little pet. It needed your care to stay satisfied (and survive).

Pou game is based on a similar principle, but it is far more enjoyable. Your virtual pet Pou also has his needs and you have to feed and wash him, play with him and care for him like in real life.

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Pou the game is nowadays probably the most downloaded game for mobile phones and tablets and you can download it on this site. Millions of players already have their Pous – join them and get a your own cosmic friend. Pou is a cute alien pet that will bring you lot of fun.

How to play Pou

Pou is a creature from distant galaxy but he has a personality which develops gradually, depending on care. If you take care of him well, your little Pou will grow and get higher and higher levels. If you forget to feed him or play with him, he will be unhappy.

He will lose weight or bacome ill and you don’t want this! Give him enough care and he will thank you for it by growing and unlocking new possibilities.

How to control Pou

Pou game

Pou game

The game is very entertaining and controlling it is so easy that everybody can manage it. You see his needs and statistics in the upper panel and you fulfill the tasks in each of 5 rooms (kitchen, bedroom, etc.). You will gradually get acces to different skins, items and backgrounds of individual rooms that Pou lives in.

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Probably most entertaining component of Pou game is playing “mini-games”. There are more than dozen of popular mind, memory a perception games that you play directly with your little Pou. Playing Pou games is also important source of earning coins that you need for buying food and clothes for your alien friend. It takes some time to master these games but once you manage it you will have perfect source of coins and entertainment. You can also take use of some of these Pou cheats.

You can also earn some coins by caring about Pou or you can buy them for real money. This is not necessary once you get use to earn coins with mingames.

Pou download

You can play Pou the game on many of devices. Pou downlad links are available on this site. You can download download the game to your smartphone or tablet and there is also Pou for PC.

15 thoughts on “Pou game

  1. layla

    The help desk never does what it says, cute game but if you ever have a problem consider it YOUR problem they will not HELP you so I uninstalled my pou miss her but oh well they really need to fix that HELP desk problem they will loose interested people in game .

    1. boss

      Sorry to hear that. I don’t have any problems with Pou. If you need some help, just leave a comment and I will try to help you;-).

  2. morgan magga

    i wonder why you cant play this game on your ipod enless you pay money it is so stupied i wish my mom would pay for it with her credit card if only i had one


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