Pou game is one of the most popular mobile application nowadays. Here ou will find some Pou cheats, tricks and short guides which will help you to speed up levelling in the game.

These Pou cheats are NOT cracks, so don’t worry – you don’t have to install any potentially dangerous software on your device. These are also not Pou cheats for Android only, it should work on almost every device with Pou.

Following Pou cheats and tips can speed up your progress in the Pou game and make it more entertaining:

Cheat on Pou sounds

Take a sheet of paper and draw four points on it – one to each corner. Number the points from 1 to 4. These points represent 4 Pous in Pou Sounds game.

Write down the sequence of sounds below and add another number to the end of this sequence after each round. This way you don’t have to remember the order in which Pous make sounds. You will simply click according to your written sequence. With this simple “cheat” you can make more than 100 rounds in Pou sounds easily.

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Pou cheats for coins

Maybe you will find some Pou money cheats on the internet. You will often recognize it by name “Pou Cheat Unlimited Coins” or similar. Be carefull thou before you install such a software on you device because it can contain malware.

Speeding up Pou cheats

This type of Pou cheats will slightly speed up you progress in the game but you will still enjoy it :-).

Pou is growing quickly (belongs to my favourite Pou cheats;-))

This Pou cheat will accelerate the Pou’s growth and is suitable especially in the beginning. Feed up Pou to a maximum and then buy him a Fat burner potion. Use the potion and Pou is thin again. But that’s not all – when Pou rejects to eat, give him a Hunger potion you can feed him on. This way Pou is growing faster. You can use this little trick if you want your Pou to become adult faster.

Pou cheats

Speed up Pou levelling

Another interesting cheat – I haven’t tried this one, it should speed up levelling of your Pou. Feed up your Pou to a maximum and then shift the time of your phone 1 day ahead. The game thinks that actually passed the whole day and Pou is hungry again (and dirty :-), so you wash and re-feed him. Then again, time to move on the next day, and so on … :-) The levels are rising ;-).

The best and most enjoyable way to earn coins is actually without using any Pou cheats – you can manage it easily with your own forces. You will make most coins by (suprisingly:)) playing games. I think that Match Tap and Pou Popper are most effective for earning coins.

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If you know another Pou cheats or tips for Pou share them with others in comments below.

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  1. Gimana cara masang cheat pou

    1. lyla disse:

      how do u get unlimeted coins on pou!!!???

  2. cheater usa disse:

    i know a cheat that speeds up your lrvels but spends all of your money: you feed him to the 100% and then you give him the hunger potion and over and over again and he will get dirty

  3. I want a cheats with pou the cheats is
    9999999999 coins
    Potions:99999999999 coins

    1. kayla disse:

      How do you get that ? it dont tell you now cheats for it.

  4. AsrulAzmir disse:

    Use gameCIH of course!! Just need to be your device rooted. To do it without computer install Framaroot app. After that use gameCIH 2 modify pou poos amoumt
    Money didn’ t help. Modify amount of poos by regular way amd collect it to exactly 5× increase your coins generator speed

  5. rizaldy adam disse:

    Wow amazing tricks

  6. Cuty pie disse:

    Can’t believe it!!!
    It’s a good trick but what i need is a coins…..

  7. alip disse:

    cheat cash taabis abis

  8. dorice disse:

    i love pou cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got 9999999999999999999 coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mmiillyy1234 disse:

    i dont think it really help i dont understand it. IM ANNOYED

  10. isal disse:

    Gimana cara cheat pou coin 999999999999((

  11. arul disse:

    bagai mna cara y
    chets pou ya? :( ;(

  12. nabila ameliya sari disse:

    I love pou.tapi bagaimana mengecheat pou

  13. Deathnote disse:

    Visit my pou… nickname:DeathNoteLPou

  14. alif disse:

    i love pou.tapi bagaimana cara cheats pou

  15. make sure this is real

  16. rolan disse:

    to level up puo just use always your head

  17. Frenelyn Acosta disse:

    I love pou cheat

  18. zaidan disse:

    This is a very good

  19. edouard disse:

    loading, wish it’ll work… :/

  20. rahmad apridho disse:


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