Pou online

Do you like online games and want to play Pou online with your friends?

The Pou game itself is not playable online yet – so far there is no way to play the game Pou online in a browser (there are rumors that it will be possible in near future), but there are several game mechanisms that allows you to experience online Pou aspects.

Virtual Pou game is amongst most popular mobile applications and in a world of internet connection there lies new amusing possibilities.

How to play Pou online

Playing the game itself doesn’t require internet connection, but if ou are connected you can use all online features of Pou. The developers are working on the game continuosly adding new features.

What can you do in Pou game online?

First of all you can find new friends who plays Pou online and visit their Pou. You can also like their Pou and play online games with them.

You can also check your Pou online statistics – how many people like your Pou and so on.

Pou online

How to find Pou online friends

Finding new friends is very easy, Just get to the menu (upper right icon with number of your level) and hit Friends. Then hit Search and choose the criterion for finding friend. You can also search random friend.

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How to play Pou online games

Once you have a friend you can play Pou online games with him. There are 2 games in Pou online mode so far – Tic Tac Pou and Four Pous (see the description in Pou games section).

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